Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple
Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple stands as a live legend representing the Indian culture and tradition to the world.
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Madurai is a famous textile market place from ancient times. Madurai is said to be awake all the days, with its busy bustling streets. Everything is available from the basic necessities to electronic gadgets. Chungudi cotton sarees from Madurai has demand all over the country. It has thriving market for manufactured cottons and batiks. The enchanting fragrance of Jasmine flowers all around Madurai gives one a warm welcome into the town. These jasmine flowers are being exported to Singapore and Middle East and ahs good demand from various parts of the country.

Large, Medium and small mills are available in Tamil Nadu, out of which the contribution by Madurai is high with Cooperative Spinning Mills,  National Textile Corporation Mills and Composite Mills. These mills provide uninterrupted supply of quality hank yarn to the cooperative handloom weavers at reasonable rates. Madurai is one of the main cotton textile production centers, with textile mills, handloom sector and powerloom sector. Madurai craftsmen are experts in Jewellery and provide cultural skilled jewels.

Madurai has good scope in the field of textiles, readymade garments, dairy and cold storage units, bakery units, floriculture, agro and herbal products, blue metal jelly, chamber bricks, granite stones, rubber and plastic based industries. Madurai has a very good transportation network and is connected with all the major towns. The industries that have scope to flourish in Madurai include  food and agro based companies, chemical industries, mechanical engineering industries, glass, ceramics, mineral based industries, hosiery and leather industries.
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