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Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple stands as a live legend representing the Indian culture and tradition to the world.
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Famous Personalities from Madurai
15. T. M. Soundarajan - Carnatic Singer :

T.M. Soundarajan, famous and leading singers’ in the sixties, is from the temple city of Madurai. He started his career in the cine field with his first film “Thooku Thooki”. He has been the most fitting background singer for the two great heroes M.G.R. and Sivaji Ganesan. He has served as their court singer for generations and is capable of singing in distinct styles to suit the voices of the heroes. His voice is royal, resonant and crystal clear even at high pitches. He has received laurels for his voice including Padmashri award.

16. T. V. Sundaram Iyengar - Auto Industrialist :

T.V. Sundaram Iyengar is the founder of TVS group of companies. Now a popular motorcycle manufacturers and distributors world-wide, the great man started his career with bus service providers in Madurai district during 1912. He was a pioneer in constructing a motor transport industry in South India. As a result of his hard work, in the year 1923 he founded T.V. Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited. The company is now operating Lorries and Buses under Southern Roadways Limited, besides many other service stations and depots. This parent company of the TVS Group, a leading automobile distribution company in India also established a rubber re-treading factory, along with two more companies, the Madras Auto Service Limited and the Sundaram Motors Limited. Now the turnover of the TVS Group has crossed billions. Sundaram Iyengar who ploughed hard to create such a vast empire passed away at the age of 78.

17. Vadivelu – Film comedian :

Vadivelu who is now staging as a famous comedy actor was born in a simple family in the southern city of Madurai. He initially started his career with add on roles in films and slowly came up in the field and created himself a separate place for comedy acting in the field. He has also raised himself with heroistic role in his latest film which has hit excellently. He also sings songs in the movies wherein he is presenting comedy roles, which has also earned him a good place in the field.

18. Vairamuthu – Tamil poet :

Vairamuthu, one of the famous Tamil poet and lyricist was born in the year 1953. He is famous for presenting and meeting the requirements of all categories of people. He retains the traditional elements along with a flavor of classical language. He has received the National Film Award for his best lyrics five times. He has also been honored with Kalaimamani award and Tamil Nadu State Government award for his contribution towards Tamil literature.

19. Vijayakanth – Film Actor :

Vijayakanth, famous Tamil actor com politician was born in the year 1952. His movies are said to exhibit corruption in the various governmental operations and departments. He is also famous for playing diversified roles. He takes well and is capable of giving hits by playing village roles as well as roles for patriotic movies.

20. Maniratnam - Leading Filmmaker :

Maniratnam, who was born in 1956 in Madurai, is one of the leading filmmaker in the industry. He is known for his commercial movies that portray social problems. His movies are watched widely by people of all groups irrespective of age or generation gap and is recognized as one of the best filmmakers all over the world. He received Padmashri award in 2002 and a retrospective of his Tamil films was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF) in the year 1994. He has also directed in other languages like Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam.

21. Madurai Kavignar Era Ravi – Poet :

Kavignar Era Ravi is one of the famous poets from Madurai. He has published books containing a collection of his poetry and launched a website few years ago. He collects the news clippings of President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, published in small Tamil magazines and sends the clippings regularly. He has received awards and certificates in the world level poetry competition held by the London Tamil Ilakkiya Mandram. He has received various awards like Kaviyaruvi, Kavichingam, Kavichooriyan and Hykkoo Thilagam.

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